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Our Sponsors


Headline Sponsor

Theramex have helped millions of women around the world live better lives and continue to work on patient-focused, effective solutions that support women of all ages.

They are proud to be the headline sponsors for the Cura-H Awards.



Headline Sponsor

Gilead Sciences and Kite (a Gilead company) are making a long-term commitment to advocate for greater inclusivity and equity in cancer care. They are learning from and collaborating with diverse communities across the UK to amplify their voices and create tangible changes that seek to address cancer inequalities.

They are also committed to using our resources to support existing or new programmes that have the potential to become good practice or to drive change.

Jeanne Mpondo

Bespoke Sponsor

Jeanne Mpondo with EM & MJ Wealth Management an Associate Partner Practice of St James's Place is proud to support the Cura-H Awards as they celebrate excellence, courage and innovation in the health sector

Pelvic Floor Society

Silver Sponsor

The Pelvic Floor Society is the national organisation for healthcare professionals specialising in pelvic floor pathologies in UK and Ireland and also for patients to seek relevant information and support through our patient liaison contact.


The Pelvic Floor Society are launching a research prioritisation project to identify the ‘Top 10’ research priorities for the stigmatised condition of faecal incontinence. This will bring together patients, carers, charities and healthcare professionals in partnership to define these important priorities.

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