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Welcome to the sponsorship page for the Cura-H Awards – an esteemed event dedicated to recognising and honouring the exemplary contributions of women in healthcare.


As a sponsor, you have the unique opportunity to align your brand with a cause that celebrates compassion, innovation, and leadership in the healthcare industry. By partnering with the Cura-H Awards, your organisation can play a pivotal role in supporting and empowering women pioneers while gaining valuable exposure and recognition among key stakeholders in the healthcare sector.

Your donations will be used towards venue costs, catering, technology hire and volunteer thank-you packages. 


Explore our sponsorship packages to discover how your brand can become an integral part of this inspiring event while making a meaningful impact on the future of healthcare.

Brown Curtain



- Logo placement: Basic logo placement on event materials such as banners, posters and promotional materials

- Acknowledgement: Verbal recognition during the event or in the program

- Exhibition or Booth Space: Allocation of a small space/limited space for a booth or display

- Website visibility: Logo and a brief description on the Cura-H Awards website

Silver Abstract



- Logo placement: Logo prominently displayed on event promotional materials, including website, social media posts and email newsletters

- Acknowledgement: Special mention and gratitude during the events opening and closing remarks.

- Full colour ad in printed program guide - half a page

- Exhibition or Booth Space: A space or booth space to showcase your organisation

- Social Media: Increased mentions on social media platforms

- Named sponsor for an award category

Repetitive Abstract Structure



- All benefits of the Silver Package


- Enhanced logo placement: Your organisations logo featured more prominently on the event banners, signage and printed materials

- Customised promotion: A sponsored post on our social media platforms or dedicated email blast featuring your organisation and its initiatives

- Full colour ad in printed program guide - one page

- Networking opportunities: VIP access to Keynote speakers

- Complimentary VIP passes for team members to attend the event including drinks and meals (up to 5 members)

- An invitation to announce the winner of your sponsored category

Abstract Black Wave



- All benefits of the Gold Package


- Premier Logo Placement: Your organisations logo prominently displayed on the main backdrop and all marketing materials

- Exclusive Branding: Sponsorship recognition as the official "Platinum Sponsor" throughout the event

- VIP access: Complimentary VIP passes for your team members to attend the vent including drinks and meals (up to 10 members), granting priority seating, backstage access, and exclusive interactions with keynote speakers, industry leaders and award winners

- Exhibition or Booth Space: A dedicated booth or table to showcase your organisations products services or resources

- Full colour ad in printed program guide - two pages

Other Packages

We offer other options and ways in which you can sponsor this special event, from a customised sponsorship package to just wanting to advertise your organisation or business with us.

To discuss any of these, please get in contact via our contact page, or send us an email at

At the Cura-H Awards, the invaluable support from our sponsors plays a pivotal role, allowing us to not only recognise the exceptional accomplishments of women in healthcare but also to create a nurturing environment that empowers and inspires future healthcare leaders. Your sponsorship support is instrumental in our mission to celebrate, uplift, and foster a community of excellence within the healthcare industry

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