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This page offers an insightful introduction to the Cura-H Awards, a prestigious event dedicated to honouring exceptional women pioneering in the healthcare industry.


In a world where healthcare innovation and compassion stand as guiding lights, the Cura-H Awards emerge as a symbol of recognition and celebration. The Latin word "cura," meaning "to care for" or "to help," epitomises the essence of these prestigious awards. Established to honour and appreciate the extraordinary women transforming the healthcare landscape, the Cura-H Awards embody a commitment to improving the well-being of individuals and society.

The Cura-H Awards were born from a belief that true pioneers in healthcare go beyond the ordinary, constantly striving for excellence and compassion in their work. The word "cura" beautifully encapsulates this ethos, signifying the dedication, empathy, and tireless effort that define these remarkable women.

At the heart of the awards is the celebration of

inspiring stories, transformative work, and the legacy these women leave for future generations. Their tireless dedication mirrors the deep-rooted meaning of "cura"—a commitment to making the world a healthier and more compassionate place.

The awards ceremony will be an evening dedicated to those who epitomise the meaning of "cura" in their pursuit of a better world for all.


Black Female Drs UK

 BFDUK are the founders and organisers of the Cura-H Awards.

BFDUK is a non-profit organisation aimed to increase representation, unite, support and empower present and future black female doctors within the fields of Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry, Academia and Research with the hope of ending misrepresentation and under representation.

BFDUK aims to provide support and assistance in a holistic manner to doctors as they navigate their way through university, post graduate training and their careers through networking, mentorship and advocacy. Together BFDUK believe we can inevitably impact our communities positively through health education and charitable deeds.

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