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Award Categories

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Maternal Health Advocate Of The Year

This prestigious award is granted to an individual or a female led organisation who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, leadership and made significant impact in maternal health. It seeks to honour those who have tirelessly worked towards improving maternal health outcomes, raising maternal health awareness, advocating for change in policies and reduction in maternal health inequalities.

Excellence in Clinical Research and Innovation Award

This award is a distinguished honour given to individuals, teams or organisations that have demonstrated exceptional achievements in the realm of health research coupled with innovative contributions. This award recognises efforts that significantly advance scientific knowledge, improve healthcare practices and contribute to the betterment of public health

Health Equity Champion Award

This award acknowledges the significant efforts of an individual or a female led organisation to eliminate disparities in healthcare, promote inclusivity and advocate for equitable access to healthcare resources and opportunities for all members of society.

Mental Health Advocate Of The Year

This awards is to honour those who have made significant contributions to mental health advocacy, inspiring others to prioritise mental health and work towards creating a more compassionate and supportive society for all individuals facing mental heath challenges. It also celebrates those who work tirelessly to raise awareness, reduce stigma thus promoting positive mental health outcomes for all.

Excellence in Social Media Health Advocacy Award

This award recognises and celebrates individuals or organisations that demonstrated exceptional prowess in leveraging social media platforms to advance health advocacy initiatives. This prestigious award honours those who have made a significant impact on raising awareness, promoting education and fostering positive change in the realm of healthcare through innovative and influential use of social media

Health Education Visionary Award

This award seeks to honour and celebrate individuals or organisations for their effort in setting up heath education initiatives. It recognises those who have demonstrated exceptional vision, leadership and commitment in establishing innovative and impactful health education programmes contributing significantly to the improvement of public health and wellbeing. It serves to inspire others in the field to continue to push boundaries, make lasting impact of building healthier and more informed communities.

Holistic Health and Wellness Champion Award

This award is honour and celebrate those who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and achievement in promoting holistic health and wellness encompassing health, fitness, mental and emotional wellbeing. This recognition encourages broader understanding and adoption of practices for their betterment of individuals and communities.

Outstanding Contribution to Oral Health Award

A prestigious recognition bestowed upon individuals or organisations that have  demonstrated exceptional dedication , innovation and impact in the field of oral health. This award celebrates those who have made significant contributions to promoting oral health awareness, advancing dental care and improving overall dental wellbeing within communities.

Lifetime Achievement and Healthcare Leadership Award

This is a prestigious and distinguished honour presented to an individual who, over the course of their illustrious career and lifetime, has demonstrated exceptional and sustained contributions to healthcare and the communities she serves. This award acknowledges the recipients profound impact, leadership and dedication, serving as a tribute to their enduring legacy and positive influence on their profession or community. It serves as a pinnacle of recognition, celebrating a lifetime of excellence and a profound lasting influence on the broader community.

People's Choice Award

This is a special recognition that celebrates an individual or an organisation chosen by the public for their exceptional contributions, achievements or impact in healthcare. Unlike the other awards that will be determined by a panel of independent judges, the People's Choice Award will be based on the collective voice and opinions of the public.

Eligibility: All shortlisted applicants from all the other listed award categories.

Timeline To The Cura-H Awards






The Cura-H Awards launches and tickets available for sale 

Applications open - self nominate or nominate someone for one or as many as the award categories as considered appropriate

Applications close (late applications will not be considered)

Announcement of shortlisted nominees - this will be published on the website and on social media

Winners announced and awards presented at the Cura-H Awards Ceremony held at DeVere Grand Connaught Rooms

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